Many businesses today depend on corrugated cartons for their business. This simple yet effective technology has been around for years and is still one of most cost effective ways to ship and store products today. However, if your workers are still setting up and sealing cartons manually, you may want to think about automating the process with case erectors and here are several reasons why.

What is an Erector?

When you take a blank carton, open it up and set it on the floor or conveyor, you have erected it. This is the basic function of automatic erecting equipment. Flat cartons are loaded onto a magazine and a special mechanism grasps a carton and sets it up, closing the bottom flaps in the process.

Most case erectors are attached to automatic sealing equipment. As the bottom of the box passes over the sealer section, rollers apply tape and the tape is cut. Some cartons are sealed by hot melt glue assemblies. You can also include automatic carton loaders and top sealers.

Why Automate?

It can take an employee as long as 20 seconds to erect one carton. This is three every minute or 180 per hour. Case erectors can lower this time to 6 seconds per carton and this comes to 600 per hour (10 per minute). Automating can more than triple your production.

Reduce Payroll

When you add automatic loading and sealing equipment, you not only increase output, but it takes fewer people to do the job. Imagine tripling output and lowering your weekly or monthly payroll significantly. You not only save on wages, but also on employee related expenses like workman’s comp insurance and vacation pay.

Fewer on the Job Injuries

When you automate, there are fewer workers to be injured. Repetitive tasks are decreased and so are the chances of injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and strained back muscles.