The Many Uses of Industrial Curtain Walls

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Industrial organizations often have to find a way to separate different areas in their buildings. Sometimes, this is for environmental purposes. Sometimes, the reasons were for simply separating areas of the organization that are no longer in use. Whenever such was required, the manufacturing facilities or industrial businesses would rely on Industrial Curtain Walls. These walls are put up as temporary partitions because they provide easy access. Separating the unused portion of the facility from the rest of the organization contributed to savings on the energy bill, as that part of the building does not have to be heated or cooled.

Curtain walls are made of PVC material and are lightweight. This makes them easy to transport, put away, and take out again. There are many applications that curtain walls are used for. They are used as dividers for rooms and warehouses. They are used as hazmat curtains, aircraft partitions, bays for body shops, spray paint booths, and curtains for sandblasting. In addition, the curtain walls offer protection industrial hazards, such as fumes, chemicals, water, and metal dust.

The many areas that use Industrial Curtain Walls include, but are not limited to, manufacturing facilities, storage facilities, woodworking plants, medical facilities, pharmaceutical facilities, areas that employ grinding and sanding, and dust containment and control. Any area that needs to have things separated or protected is where industrial curtains would be used. Having the curtains in the workplace has been identified as reducing workplace hazards, thus improving the safety ratio of the facility.

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