The Most Caring and Comprehensive Healing Services

Lee Funeral Home has been helping families for over 180 years with healing services that Owings, MD, and surrounding cities need to give the most dignified and loving funeral to their departed loved ones.

Designing a Funeral

The days that follow losing a loved one filled with grief and sometimes trauma. Our caring staff will guide you through putting together a funeral that will bring together all those that loved the dearly departed in your choice of a more traditional or contemporary design according to their wishes. Click here for more details.

Funeral Services

A crucial part of the healing process for you and your family is remembering your loved one with memories that you share about them. We suggest presenting your memories as part of the funeral service or during visitation with friends and family that is done tastefully in either a formal funeral or a more relaxed setting so that it is uniquely meaningful for everyone, including flowers and gifts.

Permanent Memorialization

We will not rush you through the process. We understand the emotional need for loved ones to grieve the loss of a family member. Honoring your loved one with a permanent memorial such as a mausoleum, cemetery, and even cremation and permanent urn will give you the time you need to accept the loss knowing you can visit with your loved one permanently.

Lee Funeral home has the most comprehensive and healing services that Owings, MD, could offer for your funeral and burial needs.