The Most Common Indicators That A Care Requires Radiator Repair In Glendale AZ

The radiator of a vehicle is the main component of the car’s cooling system and helps to circulate coolant liquid and reduce its temperature through air cooling methods. A radiator that malfunctions can leave a driver stranded and leave a car undrivable, so issues should be remedied at the first sign of trouble to prevent a complete breakdown. Here are just a few of the many signs that a radiator has malfunctioned and requires Radiator Repair in Glendale AZ by a certified auto mechanic.

Increased Engine Temperature

The temperature gauge of a vehicle helps provide a driver with immediate feedback on the temperature of the engine while a car is running. If the level on a car’s temperature thermostat begins climbing unexpectedly, it is likely a problem with the vehicle’s radiator. Be sure to stop driving immediately to prevent damage to the engine, and have the vehicle towed to a qualified mechanic so they can diagnose the issue and perform the needed repairs.

Engine Steam

A more severe indicator that a vehicle’s radiator is malfunctioning is the presence of steam coming from the engine compartment. A driver should turn the car off immediately, as the temperature of the engine is likely at levels that could cause damage, and leave a motor seized up and irreparable. The most common cause of steam is a busted radiator pipe or a cracked radiator head.

Leaks and Low Coolant Levels

Another common indicator that a vehicle needs Radiator Repair in Glendale AZ is the presence of a coolant leak, which is commonly indicated by a puddle of antifreeze underneath a car after it is parked. Another common sign of an antifreeze level issue is the smell of burning antifreeze while the vehicle is running. A driver should check the level of the coolant in the car, and top it off before driving it to a certified mechanic.

Coolant and radiator issues should never be ignored, as it can lead to further damage and the need for more costly repairs. The team at Joe’s Auto can help as they have the tools and knowledge necessary to diagnose and fix any radiator problems. Visit us today and ensure a vehicle is operating safely and is ready for the road ahead.

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