The Most Popular Materials Used For Residential Roofing In Gig Harbor

The roof of a home is an important part of its structural integrity, and it is designed to prevent issues related to a water intrusion and protect a house from an array of external, weather-related threats. Whether a homeowner is building a new home or replacing the roof of an existing property, it is imperative that they choose a material that will provide years of protection and offer visual appeal.

Asphalt Shingles

One of the most common types of roofing used in residential projects is asphalt shingles, and it is prevalent not only due to its affordability but its ability to offer years of protection. The overall lifespan of a shingle roof depends on the type of shingle selected, but most average between 20 and 30 years. The installation procedure is also easier than other materials, which will keep the labor charges reasonable.

Metal Sheets

Metal has been used as a material in Roofing in Gig Harbor for many years, and it is popular due to its long life expectancy and for the whimsical, old world charm that it gives a home. Tin comes in a wide array of colors, which allows a homeowner to choose an option that will give their home a custom look. Metal roofing is designed to provide years of protection from the elements, with some manufacturers offering an unprecedented 50-year warranty on the products they sell.

Recycled Rubber Tiles

Individuals who are seeking an environmentally friendly roofing material should consider recycled rubber tiles. They are constructed from recycled automotive tires and have a minimal impact on the environment during production. Most manufacturers produce a vast array of tile designs, which allows a homeowner to select a style that will complement their home’s existing architectural elements.

A little research will allow a homeowner to choose a roofing material that will keep their home safe from the elements for years to come. The roofing experts at Hanley Construction have more than 30 years of experience installing and repairing residential and commercial roofing systems. Call today to learn more and schedule a free roof replacement consultation.