The Overlooked Benefits Of Hiring A Dallas Social Security Disability Attorney

Being unable to work due to injury, accident, or disease is never an easy experience for anyone. For people who have paid into the Social Security Insurance program for years, it may seem natural to anticipate an easy acceptance of the doctor’s diagnosis in these conditions, leading to approval of the claim.

In reality, for people in Dallas and across the country, over 70% of initial claims to the Social Security Disability program are denied. This is not, however, the final outcome in many of these cases, but having an experienced Social Security Disability attorney is extremely beneficial in winning an appeal.

There are several reasons to hire a top Social Security Disability attorney. Just hiring any attorney is not likely to have the same results, so always work with a specialist with experience and a complete understanding of the Social Security Administration appeals process.

Timelines and Dates

The time a denied claim can be appealed is very limited. In Dallas and throughout the United States, there is a 60-day window at any point in the process to make the application for the next step. Missing this deadline may mean the need to re-apply, which can take up more time and delay finally getting a settlement.

Preparing for the Hearing

There are 4 different levels of appeals in the process. The Social Security Disability attorney ensures that all timelines are met and all documentation required is provided at each of the levels.

Most cases that are denied go to an Administrative Law Judge who completes a hearing. Your attorney is essential in assisting you in preparing for the hearing and in ensuring the right medical information and documentation is available for the judge to consider.

While it is possible to proceed without an attorney, the Social Security Administration does not provide any support. Failing to have an attorney decreases the rates of winning cases at these higher appeal levels.

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