The Role of The Low Vision Specialist

​For those who suffer from low vision, the need for working with a low vision specialist is imperative. This can involve visiting one or several eye-specialists. If you live in the state of Minnesota, for example, your specialist might be an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. You may also work with a low vision rehabilitation therapist. They all specialize in low vision problems, therefore playing a specific role in ensuring the quality of life for their patients.

What Is Their Role?

A general medical eye care provider plays a specific role with those who have normal eyesight or suffer from certain visual problems. They work with them to improve their current vision utilizing medical, optical and even surgical techniques and options. The role they play is to improve and/or maximize their current visual capabilities.

The role of a low vision specialist differs somewhat. He or she does not focus on capabilities so much as functionality. The intent of such specialized professionals is to make sure the individual with low vision can work efficiently and effectively with existing eye issues, utilizing mechanical devices to improve current functioning ability. To accomplish this, they must embrace an extensive range of tasks. These include:

* Functional low vision testing

* Diagnosis of low vision

* Treatment

* Prescription of special low vision optical devices

* Education regarding low vision devices

* Training on how to maximize whatever vision remains

In Minnesota, those who suffer from low vision can find varying levels and types of support from different vision specialists

Low Vision Specialist

If you are suffering from eye problems, you need to visit an eye specialist. Upon examination, it is possible your eye doctor will send you to a low vision specialist. In Minnesota, you will likely visit a doctor of optometry or ophthalmology who specializes in low vision issues. He or she will conduct the requisite tests to ensure you receive the proper diagnosis and treatment.

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