The Role Played by an Attorney in a Short Sale

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Law

Short sales are not pleasant for anyone involved. They can drag on for months, are difficult to process, and it’s hard for everybody to win in the end. The legal paperwork alone is enough to make participants feel downright depressed. Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate these treacherous waters by yourself. You can hire yourself Wheaton short sale attorneys to help you out.

Hire the Best to Represent You

Because of the complex nature of short sales, you will need to hire a realtor. The realtor’s job is to help you get the house ready for sale, find a buyer and negotiate with the buyers. Wheaton short sale attorneys will have the sole responsibility of interpreting and breaking down every legal document that comes your way regarding this sale. There will be bank letters, mortgage letters, and letters from the buyers. All these will require professional interpretation.

It is the duty of your hired attorneys to make sure that you are represented well and that you are making decisions with complete information. The Wheaton short sale attorneys you hire will let you know whether or not you will be left with a deficiency on your house or not. Banks may not tell you this, so you will need an attorney looking out for you to let you know these things.

Having the right representation at these negotiation tables can be the thing that makes or breaks your short sale. You need experienced Wheaton short sale attorneys if you want any chance of making the best sale possible. While short sales are tough, it won’t be a complete loss if you have the right people in your corner.

It is worth noting that the bank will contribute a percentage towards your legal counsel’s fees. So in essence, you as the homeowner won’t have to pay any associated legal fees for getting the expert legal counsel you need for this transaction.

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