The Services Offered By A Full Service General Contractor In Wisconsin

In the construction industry, as well as in other areas of business, terms are used to provide a general understanding of what a company is able to do. One of the most common terms for contractors to use is the term “full service.”

Unfortunately, what many property owners and developers in Wisconsin may not realize is that there is a wide variation in what the term full service general contractor means to one company and what it means to another.

To avoid unforeseen issues and delays in reviewing bids and considering options, here are a few important factors to verify to clarify just what is meant by the term full service general contractor in company marketing and in discussing the specific needs of your construction project.

Detailed Bid

Top general contractors will prepare a clear, concise an itemized listing of the services that will be provided for the bid amount. By being specific in the bid proposal, there is greater understanding for the property owner as to what is being offered for the services.

In addition, a true full service general contractor will also be able to accurately provide information on all subcontractors that will be used on the job. This ensures that the companies used in these subcontracting roles have the expertise, experience and proven track record of quality workmanship and attention to detail and timelines.

Full Scope of Services

Another issue to consider is the scope of the services provided by the Wisconsin general contractor. The scope of the services is typically determined by the size the size and experience of the contracting company, which is always important to consider.

Larger companies with expertise and experience in a wider range of jobs tend to offer more comprehensive services. These can go well beyond the basics to include pre and post-construction services.

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