The Steps In Applying Blown In Insulation In Minneapolis

It is possible, as a homeowner, to insulate your own home using blown in insulation. Even though it is possible, there are several very good reasons to have this project completed by experienced, professional Minneapolis insulation contractors.

To help understand why the job can be such as challenge, understanding the various steps involved will be informative. Understanding what is involved will also make it easy to see where possible issues with a do-it-yourself project can not only be difficult but it can result in much lower R-values and insulating ability than the home requires.


To install blown in insulation the homeowner will need to purchase the insulation and then rent the actual blower unit. This will typically include the hose, but in some homes, you may also require an additional hose to reach all areas of the attic.

Professionals arrive with commercial equipment set up on their vehicles for optimal performance even when the home is large, and the attic is a significant distance from the actual blower motor and system. This provides an even distribution of the spray foam, something which can be a significant challenge with rental equipment which may not be well maintained.

Prepping the Attic

In existing homes, it is important to check the current insulation. If it is wet, moldy or otherwise damaged, it will need to be removed to prevent further problems. Wet insulation is often a sign of a roof problem, which should be repaired before applying the new blown in insulation.


The application itself required experience and an understanding of the best approach. Starting from the furthest location from the exit, it will be important to ensure all of the surfaces of the attic is uniformly covered with the spray foam. With loose pack types of fiberglass and cellulose, this covering will only be on the attic floor, which doesn’t provide the full insulating options found with the spray foam applied to the inside of the attic roof.

Before starting any do-it-yourself attic insulation project, contact a top Minneapolis insulation contractor for a free quote. You may be surprised at how reasonable the cost will be compared to doing it on your own.