The Three Big Steps to Take Before the Water Remediation Experts Arrive

The Water Remediation Experts know all the small details about preserving a home as much as possible after extensive water damage. Not everyone has this information. Thankfully, there are some things that can be done right now that will do a lot to save the home and reduce damage before the cavalry arrives on the scene.

Blot and Remove

Any amount of water that can be removed will be extremely useful. Certain areas should be specifically targeted. For example, areas around the edges of the rooms should be cleaned first. The water can seep into the trim and get behind the walls. The focus should be on the tile and the wood. Water damage on a carpet is a lot harder to manage, so a lot more progress can be made on a hard surface. Furthermore, the damage to the carpet is likely already done. If it can be preserved, it will be because of a high-end steam cleaner.

Dry with the Air Conditioner

Blotting and mopping can be great for removing excesses of water, but the air conditioner can help in the background. The cooler air will encourage the water to evaporate faster. It can go a long way in helping the process along. The windows should also be open to encourage greater air flow. It isn’t cheap or practical, but it will be wonderful for evaporating water.

Remove Loose Items

Wet and loose items are a major drag. Water from these items can drip throughout the home. They also need to be cleaned around. Someone can gather all the loose items and hang them outside. With the nice air outside, they can likely be preserved just fine. Newspapers, magazines, and paper items should be thrown out or recycled. These loose items are a nuisance when dealing with water damage.

The Water Remediation Experts can be out on the property the same day as the call. They deal with emergency situations often, and it becomes a matter of taking the right steps at the right times to fight that water. Water is one problem. Arizona Mold will follow through with the right tools and the right resources to get the property livable once again. You can also like them on Facebook.

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