The Three Different Moving Quotes From Houston Movers

There are three basic types of moving quotes that residents of Houston can expect to get from a moving company. Sometimes, this can become confusing as the different types of quotes can result in very different prices being provided to the consumer.

Without understanding what type of moving quotes you have, and what that means with regards to the final cost of the move, people often choose what looks like the lowest cost estimate. Unfortunately, many people find out too late that the lowest price move is actually going to end up costing a lot more than the highest original quote they received.


Unless you are moving only a few items or a very small apartment, a non-binding estimate is rarely recommended. Most of the time movers provide these quotes by simply asking questions about the contents of the home via a phone survey or an online checklist.

The estimate prepared is literally just an estimate. These moving quotes do not hold the company to that price, and this will be clearly stated in the fine print somewhere on the page.

Binding Estimate

A better option for any homeowner is to have moving quotes that are clearly indicated on the contract to be binding. This means that the company is bound, or is committing to, charging the price listed on the quote or the estimate. This will hold true even if the weight is actually higher than estimated.

This total can change should the homeowner make a request for additional services that are not written on the binding quote and contract. This will also be stated on the contact.


Many people consider moving quotes that are not-to-exceed the best option. These provide a total amount on the quote that is the maximum the moving company can change, even if the weight is higher than estimated.

However, should the actual weight of the load be less, the consumer is charged the lower of the two prices. Additional services, as with a binding estimate, will be added to the total if requested or if required.

The binding and not-to-exceed moving quotes will require an in-home survey. This allows the moving company in Houston to actually visit your home and survey or inventory the items to move. With this information, they can provide a very accurate estimate, which is why they agree to be bound to that total amount.

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