The Three Ways a Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY Can Make a Major Impact

What are the four biggest threats on the construction site? A 2015 Occupational Safety & Health Administration report details that 37% of deaths occur because of falls. Another 10% are due to large objects hitting the person, and 9% result from electrocution. The last major threat is a looming one. About 3% of deaths are related to construction workers trapped in-between to large objects. The above data is expanded upon in the OSHA report.

The construction site is absurdly dangerous, and a Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY is an invaluable asset for protecting the workers who make a living putting themselves in danger. There are three opportunities where calling an attorney in a construction incident is advisable.

Failure of Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation should cover incidents on site. But, it is not a perfect system. The insurance company may argue against payment, leaving an employee incredibly vulnerable. A payment of worker’s compensation deprives an individual of bringing a lawsuit against the company. A worker can potentially contest the worker’s compensation if the payment is marginal. The compensation can also be negotiated alongside an attorney.

Injury Caused By Someone Else

The trickiest area for building a case is when the incident is caused by another employee. The juggling act then begins where an attorney discovers who is responsible and to what degree. The attorney may choose to bring a lawsuit against the individual, but the majority of cases will go against the insurance company covering the site.

Injury Caused By Company/Employer

Most cases go through the employer and their respective insurance company. The injury may not be directly caused by the actions of an employer. But, the employer is responsible for any injury related to the equipment or the management of the team on-site.

The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel are brimming with seasoned talent that can handle any construction-related incident. The field is extremely dangerous, and all precautions need to be set. It is why these restrictions and measures are instated in the first place. They are designed to help the workers. Working with a Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY is justified if there was negligence involved on the site.

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