The Top Three Signs Your Poulsbo Septic Tank Needs to Be Pumped

If you live in one of the millions of homes with a septic system, that is just one more thing to put on your ever-growing list of worries. To help take a little worry off of your mind, here is a list of signs that you need a septic pumping in Poulsbo, WA.

Bad Smells

A great indication that your septic system may have issues or need a good pumping is the presence of strong odors in the area. Your septic tank is home to all of the wastewater from your home drains and toilets. If this waste is not being properly taken care of, it will build up and begin to give off a very nasty smell.

Sewage Backup

As we’ve discussed, all of the wastewater from your home drains into your septic tank. If your tank needs to be pumped, it is possible for this wastewater to back up into your drains. While this can initially lead to slow drain and clogs, it can eventually lead to sewage from your home backing up into your sinks and other drains.

Is the Grass Greener?

As your waste makes its way through your septic system, it will end up in a drain field on your property. A sign that you will need a septic pumping in Poulsbo, WA, is the health of the grass near your drain field. Look for overly lush or green patches of grass near the drain field as a possible sign.