The Two Pieces a Slip and Fall Lawyer Needs to Complete the Puzzle

Slip and fall injury cases have the potential to receive a lot of media attention because they seem so innocuous on the front. Slip and fall injuries, and others related to an injury in the workplace, seem frivolous and excessive. Yet, the vast majority of them are anything but. They result in an injury to the individual that can be substantial. For the case to go through, two pieces are almost always required. Without them, there is no applicable personal injury case with a Slip and Fall lawyer near Paterson to go with and no big payment to receive.

Knowledge of the Hazard

The injury had to have been caused by something or someone. In the case of a “something,” such as a literal hazard, someone has to have knowledge of it. It should preferably be the owner. Anyone else, and it could result in a weakened case. Now, an argument can be made that the owner should have been responsible enough to know about the presence of the obstacle. They are ultimately responsible. Though this is true, it weakens the case enough to be worth remarking on. The person responsible at a technical level should have some awareness of the obstacle. This includes what it is, what it can be capable of, and where it is located.

Intent to Ignore the Hazard

The second piece to the puzzle is the intent to ignore the hazard. It could be as simple as a wet spot on the ground or as complex as the design of a facility. The person responsible should have intentionally ignored what the hazard was capable of.

A case does not need these two pieces. But, nearly every case that was won by a Slip and Fall lawyer near Paterson was because these two pieces were proven and validated. They uphold the case. They take the frivolous nature of the lawsuit out of the equation by offering what the judges need: knowledge of a problem and willful ignorance of the problem. A case can be built around a lack of owner responsibility (the owner not knowing about a problem) or a misguided judgment (not thinking it was a problem at all), but these two pieces will seal the deal nearly every time.

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