The Types of Cases Handled By Personal Injury Law Firms In Oshkosh WI

There are many different types of cases that fall under the area of law known as personal injury. In Oshkosh WI, there are also many different personal injury law firms, some specializing in one area of this type of case while others may offer a full range of services for all personal injury claims.

To understand if you need to hire one of the personal injury law firms or if you need an attorney with specialization in other areas of the law, it is a good idea to review the types of cases handled. Remember, these are not criminal cases and there does need to be some type of injury or damages caused to have a case.

Most Common

The most common types of cases handled by personal injury law firms include:

  • Dog bite – injuries and damages costs resulting from a dog attack or bite. These cases can be difficult to prove and there can be several factors that are considered.

  • Medical malpractice – if the actions of a medical facility, doctor or staff member caused injury or damage to an individual. The attorney must be familiar with both the legal as well as the medical aspects of these cases.

  • Vehicle accidents – this includes any type of motorized vehicle including big trucks, passenger vehicles, boats and motorcycles.

  • Wrongful death – these can be very difficult cases for all involved. An attorney experienced in wrongful death cases will be critical to your case.

  • Product liability – when specific products or devices cause injuries, disabilities or death. These can be very challenging cases and need an attorney with expertise in this area of the law.

Other types of personal injury cases an attorney in Oshkosh WI will handle include prescription drug complications, workplace accidents and defamation, libel and slander cases.