The Use of High Throughput Screening

A high throughput screen, also known as HTS, as associated with biology and chemistry. is a modern scientific method that offers a way of testing massive numbers of experimental samples simultaneously under specific conditions. In many cases, a high throughput screening assay is used on samples that can include live cells, chemical compounds, or amino acids.

The Introduction of Robotic Solutions

As robotic solutions increase in laboratories, so does the automation of data analysis, handling, and sample preparation. This provides scientists with more time to generate and use datasets from an HTS to answer complex and important questions. BellBrook Labs offers HTS assay kits to fit the testing needs of researchers studying a variety of drug targets..

Fields for an HTS Assay

At this point in time, different HTS methods are used in many fields including biotech, drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, identification of genes, and target validation. One of the powerhouses offering solutions for screening is Madison, Wisconsin, where HTS assays are available from multiple laboratories nearby.

How an HTS Experiment Works

Regardless of the type of experiment, there are numerous steps involved. In many cases, it can take weeks to complete the entire process. However, the steps are able to be generalized into the following three categories:

* Data acquisition and readouts

* Sample preparation

* Sample handling

* Data acquisition and readouts

The Preparation Process

Most HTS requires arrayed format samples, on microtiter plates in liquid solution. The potential densities for the plates may be 92, 192, 384, 1,536, or 6,144. Most collections which are purchased commercially are on 384 or 96 plates. However, the samples can be copied onto assay plates when needed.

Data Acquisition & Readouts

You have a few options when it comes to readouts for HTS. Selecting the right option involves balancing your data quality needs, cost of the screens, and what questions researchers are considering.. Many of the options use optical measurements, such as fluorescence signals, luminescent readouts, cell color changes, and liquid culture turbidity.

ATPase Assay for Drug Discovery

If you are looking into new techniques for drug discovery and biological research for a target based approach, BellBrook Labs has the answers you need. We offer biochemical kinase assay kits, GTPase assay kits, glycosyltransferase assay kits, and many more. If you’d like to learn more, we offer literature on our website at or you can reach us at

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