The Various Types Of Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpeting is usually produced in all the color and texture options that one will find in a home while at the same time offering superior resistance to wear. As with any of the Mohawk carpet in Phoenix that is used in a home setting, commercial carpets also offer a wide range of carpet types that fit well with today’s modern buildings and offices. The different types of commercial caret available include low density loop pile, tufted carpets and woven.

Perhaps the best option and the most popular option for commercial Mohawk carpet in Phoenix is low density loop pile, this carpet is ideal for classrooms, office lobbies and is often found in health care facilities. This type of is not as plush as other carpeting options that are available but the short pile is very resistant to crushing, much better than any other type of commercial carpet; this makes it an ideal choice for use in areas where a smooth surface is desired; the smooth surface makes it easier for rolling traffic such as wheel chairs, supply carts, etc.

Tufted carpet is also popular in commercial settings. Tufted carpet is made from multiple rows of yarn; this yarn is used to create the tufts. Tufted carpet is not woven as many carpet types are; it is stitched to a substantial backing material which helps to stabilize the tufts. Although tufted carpeting is slightly higher than low density loop pile carpet is still holds up exceedingly well in high traffic areas making it ideal for offices.

Woven carpeting is also a tough, durable product that can stand up to considerable wear and tear. The pile on woven carpeting is relatively short but still a little plusher than other alternatives for commercial carpets; it offers more cushioning than other types as well. As with other commercial Mohawk carpet in Phoenix, woven carpet can comfortably last ten years or more even under high foot traffic making it ideal for hotel rooms, conference rooms and general office installation.

Commercial carpets regardless of the way they are produced usually are made with synthetic fibers which are superior when it comes to stain resistance, dirt repelling properties and they resist crushing with frequent foot traffic, the colors are fast hence they resist fading in sunlight. Carpets made from synthetic fibers are easy to maintain, regular vacuuming and periodic steam cleaning is all they need to remain looking like new for many years to come.

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