Things to Consider While Shopping for a New Vehicle

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Car Dealer

We all get the jitters when buying a new car, from excitement and nerves. Will you find the right car? Will it be the RIGHT car for you? What happens when you can’t find your dream deal for your dream car the first time you look? Here is some advice before even setting foot on the lot.

  • 1. Know the Invoice Price. Before even setting foot on the lot, research cars, and find some that you think are right for you. Make sure to look up the invoice price of your dream car, this is what the dealer pays the manufacturer for the vehicle. While discussing prices, you’ll have a solid number in your head that you can try to get your car down to.
  • 2. Check the Manufacturer’s Website for Rebates. Many rebates are not made public, but most buyers qualify for some. Know your rebates, and make sure your salesman gives you all that is available to you.
  • 3. Research Dealers. Buying your new car from a top-rated car dealership will save you money and headaches. If you can’t find online reviews, be sure to talk to your friends, family, and neighbors, they’ll be honest with you about their buying experiences.
  • 4. Check Your Credit History. Most buyers need a loan to buy their dream car. By knowing your credit history, you’ll have a good idea what this loan will cost, and what to expect from lenders.
  • 5. Get Your Own Financing. Car dealerships usually have their own finance centers, but those centers will add to your finance contracts so that they receive pure profit. Often, you can get better interest rates from banks and credit unions. Be sure to show these rates to your salesperson if they are trying to convince you that theirs is better.
  • 6. The Timing of Your Purchase is Important. At the end of the month, most dealers will accept lower offers than at the beginning of the month, because they have most likely already met their monthly goals. The end of the model year is also a great time to buy, seeing as they are putting their interest into the newest vehicles.
  • 7. Do Not Buy a Car on Your First Visit. Be sure to use your first visit to test drive cars you love. Gather the information you need to make your choice, and then leave. Coming back a second time will let the salesperson know that you are willing to look for the best deals. Be careful about telling the salesperson how much you are willing to pay monthly, instead of giving an answer, say something along lines of, “How little can you offer me?”
  • 8. Get Quotes from Several Dealers. If dealers are being pitted against different stores, they will be more likely to give you their best deals first.

Ready to Buy?

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