Things You Must Bring When Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer

When you meet with your auto accident lawyer in PA, you should have a list of questions you want to ask regarding what will happen during the case. It is also important that you bring your most recent medical bills that you incurred after the car accident so that the lawyer can calculate the amount of compensation you should get from the defendant. It also helps to bring your recent medical records as this boosts your chances of winning the case. Also bring written testimonies from witnesses of the accident.

Police Reports and Written Account of Accident

Another thing you need to bring is a police report and a written account of everything that occurred before, during and after the accident. This strengthens your case because the defendant is likely to have a different account of what happened during the accident, and if you have the necessary proof that the defendant is at fault, you get the settlement.

Pictures Help A Lot

You should take the pictures you took after the accident to the lawyer’s office because he or she can use these at the court hearing before the judge. If there are some businesses that may have captured the accident on their outdoor security cameras, inquire about using the recording of it for your court case or ask your lawyer to do this.

Documents From Your Insurance Company

You will need to bring documents with you from your insurance company because your lawyer needs to see the amount of compensation you’re supposed to receive from the company following the claims process for an accident.

Information About Lost Wages

If the injury resulted in the loss of wages you should bring information concerning your job and this includes W2 forms, check stubs, tax documents and/or papers to prove that you lost a certain amount of money due to the accident. If you were injured using your employer’s vehicle, this is especially important because it will help you collect worker’s compensation.

In order for the auto accident lawyer in PA to help you, you must present the above mentioned information in a timely manner so that the case can be solved quickly and effectively. You don’t want to present fraudulent information because it could cause you to lose credibility and the case altogether. If there is any new details you find that could help the case, let the lawyer know immediately.

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