Thinking Outside The Ordinary With Hino Trucks For Texas Companies

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Automotive

Companies in Texas represent industries all across the spectrum from manufacturing through to production, processing, refining, and fabrication. In addition, service companies, retailers, and freight companies make up a good portion of the service sector, with all these diverse businesses needing quality trucks to get the job done.

Not all trucks on the highways and roads in the urban and rural areas of the state are domestic makes. In fact, some of the imported medium and heavy-duty trucks have proven to be just a durable, reliable and efficient as the more traditional trucks seen on the roads.

Hino trucks, in particular, have developed a loyal customer base across Texas. These trucks offer different styles, options, and cabs that make them a great vehicle for deliveries around towns and cities as well as highly efficient on the highways for longer hauls. Part of the Toyota group of trucks and vehicles, they are an ideal option for a cargo truck or a cube van truck for small and large deliveries and hauling requirements.

Hybrid Options

One of the important factors for many businesses, particularly in urban areas, is the option to choose hybrid Hino trucks. These are ideal for companies that want a cost-effective option in a truck with an easy to drive cab-over style. The engines are diesel and electric which allows the drivers to utilize the different hybrid options based on their driving requirements.

Top Marks

While Hino trucks may not be a household name, they are a brand that gets high marks from current owners. It isn’t uncommon for a company to buy a used Hino and end up converting the entire fleet as they rotate out old vehicles.

A solid reputation for reliable vehicles combined with the features, options, and configurations in the cab and body make this a truck brand to consider for a company of any size.

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