This Cotton Blues Restaurant Laurel MS Location Offers Fresh, Locally sourced Foods

Cotton Blues is a family restaurant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi that offers high quality, healthful foods that get their inspiration from the traditional Mississippi cuisine, Coastal Mississippi, and South Louisiana cuisine. For those looking for a restaurant that serves locally sourced, healthy foods, this is a good choice. Fine dining places are always a joy to visit when the food is fresh and creatively prepared in an enjoyable atmosphere. The restaurant serves lunches and dinners.

The Cotton Blues Restaurant Laurel, MS location is worth giving a try. More restaurants are seeing the value of offering fresh, locally sourced, and organically grown foods for their customers. Good chefs prepare the foods in creative ways and serve them attractively to add to the dining experience. These restaurants also can offer catering services and take home meals that can be reheated at home. Another advantage in visiting this type of restaurant is the availability, if vegan and gluten-free options for those with eating restrictions.

This Restaurant Laurel, MS location has a bakery, and a banquet room called the Cotton Room that will seat up to 60 diners and can be used for both parties and business meetings. The restaurant also offers home and office catering for special occasions. There is a section called the Pantry that offers take-home meals, honey, jellies, barbecue sauce, pickles and more. The bakery has things like New York style cheesecake, lemon icebox cakes, and other seasonal treats.

Like many restaurants, this one has a website where potential customers can view menu items and daily specials in advance. The decor is refined yet casual and well suited to family dining. The regional cuisine the restaurant specializes in is unique and much different than the national chains are serving. A group of friends, business associates or couples on a date could all enjoy this type of restaurant. The Cotton room is large enough for quite a group, but still feels comfortable and welcoming. There are special menus for events held in this private room, whether the occasion is a wedding reception or rehearsal, a business meeting, or a special holiday celebration. Click here for more details.

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