Those Arrested Must Turn to an Attorney in Rockwall, TX for Help

Those who are arrested will face a variety of penalties, depending on the crime they have been accused of. When a person is arrested, they will need someone to help them navigate the court system, help make sure their rights are upheld, and help them obtain a better outcome. They will need to hire an attorney in Rockwall, TX who is familiar with cases like their own and who is ready to work hard for them.

Sentencing After a Conviction

If the arrested person is convicted, the next step is the sentencing. Sentences can include jail time, community service, fines, and other penalties or a combination of penalties. Misdemeanor charges can include a jail term of one year or less, while felony charges might lead to much longer sentences. The severity is based on the crime they’re accused of, and most crimes have sentencing guidelines that dictate what types of sentences can be given and how severe they can be.

Social and Other Repercussions for a Conviction

Along with having to serve their sentence, the person will experience social repercussions as well for a conviction. They might find it’s harder to find a job if they have a conviction on their record, no matter why they were arrested. They might also find it can impact their social life, their ability to find a job, or even their hobbies if they are no longer allowed to own a gun and enjoy target practice or hunting. The impacts of the conviction can reach far into their future as well, as they might not be able to have the conviction expunged for many years, if at all, and so will have to deal with having a criminal background for the rest of their life.

Those who have been arrested will want to make sure they contact an attorney in Rockwall, TX as quickly as possible after their arrest. The faster they contact an attorney for help, the more the attorney can do to help them avoid some or all of the repercussions from a conviction.

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