Three Advantages of Using a Reputable Wheaton Disability Attorney

If you’ve become sick or injured before retirement age, your best bet is to file for disability benefits. This can provide you with a potential income to pay for your housing and bills. However, it’s advisable to hire a reputable Wheaton disability attorney to help you win your case.

Easy to Sign Up

While the paperwork is extensive for the initial application, a qualified disability attorney in Wheaton will usually fill out the form while asking you certain questions. Some of these questions include details about your ailment or injury and employment history. Your attorney will also ensure your application gets to the proper party at the Social Security Administration.

Knows All Qualifying Conditions

Your experienced disability attorney in Wheaton will know the various conditions for which you can qualify for disability benefits. Some of these conditions include blood disorders, autism, hepatitis, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, asthma, and even strokes.

Helps You Get Backpay

When you apply for disability benefits through a disability attorney in Wheaton, you’ll improve your odds of getting a monthly disability benefit as well as backpay. Backpay is the money you would’ve received had you gotten benefits about five months after you applied for them.

Hiring a reputable Wheaton disability attorney will provide you with access to legal counsel at your hearing. This is where your attorney will argue your case before a judge to convince him or her that you have a genuine disability.

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