Three Benefits of Leasing a Car From a Ford Dealership

Arlington Heights Ford is a trusted Ford Dealership in Barrington. We sell new and used Ford vehicles. We are also one of the few dealerships that offer vehicle leasing options. We invite you to learn about the benefits of leasing a vehicle in the blog below.

Drive the latest vehicle

Leasing a vehicle could allow you to drive a new car every three years. If you decide to lease a vehicle, then it could help you stay updated with the latest technology advances. Upgrading your vehicle every few years also allows you to be as safe as possible.

Lower monthly costs

Leasing a vehicle typically means low monthly payments. Monthly payments for leased vehicles are typically 20% lower than monthly payments for financed vehicles. Leasing a vehicle could allow you to afford a vehicle that is slightly above your budget.

Gap insurance included

Most lease terms include gap insurance. Gap insurance is extremely important. If your vehicle is totaled or stolen before the lease ends, then your expenses are covered by the insurance company. You can add Gap insurance to any insurance plan. However, you usually don’t have to pay extra to get Gap insurance with a leased vehicle.

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