Three Critical Elements That A Web Design Company In Seattle Can Incorporate Into Any Online Presence

One of the worst things a company can do is fail to have an engaging online presence, as it not only informs consumers of the products and services offered by an organization, but it can be used to increase revenue through the use of an online store. The problem is that designing a website is complicated. Fortunately, a Web Design Company in Seattle WA can help any business create a dynamic online presence that will give them a professional image and build brand recognition from the very start.

Customer Accounts

A commercial website should be built with a customer in mind, and this includes allowing customers to create online accounts where they can store items they wish to purchase in the future. Not only does this provide added convenience for the customer, but it allows a business to track a customer’s activity and utilize targeted marketing tactics to create sales and specials that can increase overall conversion rates.

Online Chat Support

There are times when a customer will have questions relating to either the product they wish to purchase or the ordering and shipping process. If they are not able to get answers to their questions promptly, it can cause them to take their business elsewhere. Don’t miss out on revenue, when a Web Design Company in Seattle WA can incorporate an online chat feature that will allow shoppers to quickly and conveniently connect with a sales expert who can answer questions and increase a customer’s confidence when making a purchase.

Social Media Integration

It is estimated that nearly 35 percent of all shoppers will head to a social media outlet when they are in the market for a new product or service. These statistics make it crucial for a company to have an established presence with all of the primary social media services. It can also be used to announce sales and other discounts that a business may be offering, and encourage an individual who may have been browsing in the past to make a purchase.

The most significant mistake a business owner can make is not taking advantage of the internet. The team at Ravenna Interactive provides custom website design and maintenance services and can have any size company online in a matter of days. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about their innovative process, and take the first step in creating an impressive web presence.

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