Three Features Found at Some of the Best Storage Facilities in Des Moines, IA

Many residents of Des Moines find themselves needing more space to store personal possessions or assets obtained for business-related purposes. That can easily see a person looking into the Storage Facilities in Des Moines IA to discover which ones have the most to offer. A new facility recently put up by Quality Construction Services Inc includes quite a few features that many people will find appealing.

Going Beyond the Basics to Provide a Higher Level of Storage

Some storage facilities and units in Des Moines are quite spartan, offering those who rent space some extra room and little else. On the other hand, there are also newer, more accommodating Storage Facilities in Des Moines IA that raise the bar quite a bit higher. Some of the types of features that most often set particular facilities apart from the rest when it comes to storage are:

  • Heating.
  • The typically cold winters in Des Moines can wreak havoc on items put away in storage facilities if appropriate precautions are not taken. Storage units that include heating do away with concerns about sub-freezing temperatures and allow the safekeeping of many more types of possessions, supplies, and goods. Relatively few facilities in the area are actually heated, though, so it will always be wise to inquire about this issue if it will be relevant.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Although most storage facilities are fairly secure, it can never hurt to make things even more difficult for would-be thieves and other potential troublemakers. Storage facilities that are equipped with video surveillance create ongoing records of everything that happens within their boundaries. That can prove invaluable if a unit should be broken into or even vandalized, as many storage space renters discover each year.
  • Remotely operated door openers.
  • Being able to open a storage unit’s door with the push of a button will make it easier to access and use. Some of the most modern facilities in Des Moines include this feature on all of their units.

Uncompromising Storage Awaits

Click here and it will be seen that the best storage facilities in the area have a lot more to offer. Anyone looking for storage in Des Moines will do well to consider whether features like these and others might be useful.