Three Kinds of Services a Towing Professional Can Provide

You might imagine that the only time you’d need to call a towing company is if your car broke down on the side of the road. This is one reason, of course, but it’s hardly the only one. There are many services wrecker towing in Frederick, MD can provide, in fact. If you are looking for wrecker service near me, Vinny’s Towing can provide this and many other services.

Fleet Maintenance

If you have one semi-truck or several, it is of the utmost importance that you keep them in good condition and mechanically sound. 18 wheelers require special maintenance, and as such, getting an expert on the job is essential. Wrecker towing in Frederick, MD can provide comprehensive fleet maintenance and repair for your trucks. From preventative service to full service repairs, Vinny’s Towing can provide the fleet maintenance you need to keep driving.

Heavy Duty Wrecker Service

You already know that a service for wrecker towing in Frederick, MD will tow cars or motorcycles, but you can also get heavy duty wrecker service from a towing provider, too. If you need long distance towing or medium duty service, Vinny’s Towing can provide the options you need, no matter what the size or weight of your vehicle might be. With the right equipment, anything can be towed.

Mobile Mechanics

If you don’t need your car or truck to be towed, you may still need a mechanic to provide mobile repairs. Sometimes you are stranded, but a simple fix will be more efficient and less expensive than towing to an auto shop. In such situations, wrecker towing in Frederick, MD can provide the service you need and get you ready to hit the road again. Mobile mechanics will come to your location and provide whatever repair is necessary so that you can continue on with your day and life with minimal inconvenience.

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