Three Questions to Ask a Residential Interior Decorator

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Interior Designer

When a person is looking for the rights interior decorator, the first step is understanding the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer. So, what is the difference, then? An interior designer helps you design a space, often from scratch or as part of a remodel. An interior decorator works with you to make an existing space more aesthetically appealing. Generally speaking, an interior decorator isn’t breaking out the sledgehammer and knocking down walls. They will sit with you and working to visualize–and actualize–a more beautiful space. The second step in choosing an interior decorator is asking the right questions. In Alexandria, VA, there are several to choose from, so the right questions are necessary. Here are the top three:

Can I see examples of your work and how do you define your style?

A good interior decorator will always have examples of their work ready and waiting for you to look at. But even if they have examples, make sure the selection is comprehensive. A thin portfolio is a huge flag, as it connotes a lack of experience. They will also have a style. Picasso could paint a lot of different things, but his style, even over the years, still had a certain character to it. Interior decorators are no different. Ask to see an example of your potential decorator’s style and talk about yours. If the two are irrevocably incongruent, you should probably move on. You may want something that complements the architecture or natural environment of Alexandria, VA. If so, your local decorator will surely have great ideas.

How do you charge and how are payments scheduled?

All anxiety around money needs to be nipped in the bud early on. Some decorators require a retainer fee, while others do not. Some require half up front, while others set it up differently. Never assume, just ask.

How do you deal with changes to the project?

This one is easy to overlook. We like to envision how things will turn out, commit to it, and set things in motion. But it’s never that simple. You will change your mind at some point—or perhaps your decorator will get some new inspiration. Either way, you have to discuss how this will affect the budget, if at all. Make sure you both understand how new ideas will be communicated, approved and paid for.

With these questions, you are well on your way to an incredible experience with an interior decorator in Alexandria, VA. Zoe Feldman Design has the experience and portfolio you need.

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