Three Reasons Custom Granite Countertops Kansas City are a Great Investment

During a home improvement project that is going to involve the replacement of countertops, you are going to be asked to pick out new ones. Style, color and material are some of the choices you will face. A countertop material that continues to be popular is granite. Thanks to the durability, beauty and varying colors of granite, most pieces are unique and worth the investment.

Here are three reasons why custom granite countertops in Kansas City, MO, are a great investment.


Granite is composed of interlocking mineral crystals. The two most common crystals found in this rock are feldspar and quartz. Then, several others in much lesser quantities. Since there is no way to naturally engineer this particular rock, it is unique. It is also durable. Thanks to its strength, it is often used for wet bar, fireplace and recreation room countertops.

Color Variations

No one can predict how the crystals that form granite are going to interlock with each other, so when it is excavated, each piece is unique. No two pieces are exactly alike, and the color variations and patterns are seemingly endless.


When you work with home improvement professionals who also provide clients with the opportunity to pick out their granite slab, they can customize it, too. This means that if you need it shaped in a certain way or cut to fit a particular size, it will be.

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