Three Reasons to Choose a Community Bank

When choosing which type of bank to go with, it’s important to consider all the factors. Large commercial banks can be convenient due to their many locations nationwide, but their size can cause them to be out-of-touch with their client base. On the other hand, local community banks are more familiar with the customers in their area. When searching for new banking options in Daytona Beach, here are some reasons to go with a community bank:

A Personal Touch

Online and automated banking programs offer a quick, easy way to handle many of your financial needs, but sometimes you want the personalized care that comes from direct, in-person interaction. Commercial banks often charge extra fees when customers deal directly with bank tellers. Community banks have a smaller clientele and, as a result, are generally more focused on providing great customer service—without the added hassle of surprise fees.

Local Living

Local ownership means that community banks can get to know their customers personally, allowing them to learn and assess the specific needs of their customer base. Unlike large commercial banks, which focus more on credit scores and other impersonal factors, community banks are able to take the unique personal needs of customers into account when attending to their finances.

Community First

Are you invested in the daily activities of your town? Odds are your local community bank is, too! In addition to traditional banking duties, many community banks often sponsor events in their area. Loans are also approved locally at community banks, making the process quick and easy for customers.

If you’re on the lookout for a new bank in Daytona Beach, be sure to consider a local community bank; they can provide you with the personal care and attention to detail that you may not find at larger institutions.

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