Times When You May Need Assistance from a Birth Injury Lawyer in Dallas

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Lawyers and Judges

If your child sustained an injury that was likely the fault of a medical practitioner during the delivery process, a birth injury lawyer in Dallas might be able to help you get financial compensation. The money that you receive from a lawsuit or settlement can be applied toward the additional medical care as well as other related expenses that you may incur if your child has suffered from one of these birth injuries.

Fractures/Broken Bones

Your child’s bones may have become fractured or broken when the doctor or another medical professional was assisting with the delivery. Rough handling and the improper use of certain instruments could have caused these injuries, which may entitle you to compensation.

Head Trauma

Improper equipment and delivery practices can also result in head injuries that can hinder a child’s development into adulthood. Skull fractures and bleeding of the brain are among the leading injuries that result from head trauma during the delivery, and an attorney can help you get justice for your child.

Cerebral Palsy

Any medical malpractice that deprives your child of oxygen or damages their brain can lead to the development of cerebral palsy. If your child develops cerebral palsy from a birth injury, he or she may have to deal with physical and cognitive impairments throughout their life.

You and your child shouldn’t have to suffer in silence, and monetary compensation for your child’s birth injury can help both of you lead better lives. Contact Van Wey, Metzler & Williams to arrange a consultation with a birth injury lawyer in Dallas who will try to devise the best legal strategy possible to help you win your case.

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