Tips for a Successful Test Drive at a Mazda Dealership in Mokena

Buying a new vehicle is a process that starts long before pulling onto the lot. By doing your due diligence before purchasing, you’ll save time, money, and frustration. Whether buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, here are some tips to consider when taking a test drive at a Mazda car dealership in Mokena.

Inspect and Observe

Before getting into the vehicle, take some time to look for any dents, scratches, or dings. Check the windshield and side glass for any chips. Examine the tires for uneven wear and tread depth. Try the turn signals and ensure that the brake lights work properly.

Start It Up

Once you’ve started the vehicle, allow it to idle for a bit. Listen to it as it runs, looking for rattling, whining, and clicking sounds. Check the heater, the AC, the radio, and other components to see if they work. Look at the instrument panel to see if any warning lights are illuminated. Be sure all the seats are comfortable, and the roof height is sufficient.

Take It Slow

Next, drive the car carefully. When pulling up to a stop sign, check to see how the brakes feel. How does the vehicle handle rough roads and potholes? If there’s any resistance when turning, there may be suspension or steering problems.

Check the Dealership Out

After you’ve taken a test drive at the Mazda car dealership in Mokena, you’ll get a full inspection and vehicle history report. All the dealership’s cars are serviced before being put up for sale, and the team would love to give you a tour and a test drive.