Tips for Bathroom Remodeling in Collierville TN

Whether it’s a simple washroom or an ornate master bath, a function should be the focus of Bathroom Remodeling Collierville TN. Here, the area’s homeowners can get some valuable tips and tricks on improving drainage and lighting, gaining storage and ensuring that the renovation is timeless and durable.


Most residential drains are one and one-half inches in diameter, and a surprising amount of stuff goes down the drain. The larger a drain, the lower the chance of a clog. There’s little cost difference in an upgrade to a two-inch drainpipe, and it can be a big benefit. Furthermore, when temperatures go below freezing, it is important to ensure that water lines aren’t routed through exterior walls.


Recessed lighting fixtures can brighten up the room, and can be included in the shower with the proper trim. Users should consider how they use the mirrors in the bathroom, and choose to light accordingly. Whether the homeowner plans to shave or apply makeup, bright lighting and proper placement can make it easier to see what’s going on.

Medicine Cabinetry

Recessing the medicine cabinet is a good way to save space over the vanity, and the extra framing will have a negligible impact on the job’s budget. If a recessed medicine cabinet isn’t an option, ensure that there’s enough room to have it protrude by four or five inches.

A Wall-Hung Toilet

These have become more popular, and for legitimate reasons. Wall-hung toilets are no longer cost-prohibitive, and they are ideal for small bathrooms because the tank is behind a wall. However, it’s important to consider that the water supply will have to be re-routed if the homeowner ever wants to switch back to a floor-mounted toilet.

Shower Flooring

Larger tiles are hard to slope correctly, and unless the tile is textured, it will be slippery when wet. Smaller tiles, regardless of texture, have more grip and are the most common choice for shower floors. In the past, those who wanted a shower base were limited to bland, boring prefabricated models. However, today’s choices are clean, modern and made of porcelain or acrylic. For more advice on Bathroom Remodeling Collierville TN, browse website or call Drain Go Plumbing today.

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