Tips for Caring for Your Residential Air Conditioning in Kitsap County

There are many benefits to caring for a home’s air conditioning system. Proper care and maintenance not only extend the life of a system, but also decreases its energy usage and saves homeowners money in energy costs. Taking the time to care for a system each month can offer benefits that are well worth the time expended. Through these tips, homeowners can learn how to care for their Residential Air Conditioning Kitsap County so they can avoid expensive repairs.

Filter changes are one of the most important maintenance tasks a homeowner can do. A clean filter plays two important roles. It keeps the air quality inside of the home at optimum levels, and it protects the unit from overheating or running inefficiently. Since filters are typically inexpensive, this is one of the easiest ways homeowners can work to care for their system each month.

The condensate system of an air conditioner is crucial for proper operation. This system features a tray that holds moisture removed from the air until it can be transported down the condensate drain, which moves the water outside of the home. These areas are prone to growing mold and mildew and should be cleaned at least four times a year. Cleaning the tray and drain with a mild bleach and water mixture can inhibit mold and mildew growth, so clogs do not develop. Visit the site for complete details.

Though these tasks can be performed by any homeowner, there are some tasks that are best left to the professionals. These include:

  • Belts should be tightened at least once a year.
  • Coils may need to be cleaned up to twice a year.
  • Coolant levels should be checked for leaks on a yearly basis.
  • The motor and all electrical parts should be checked annually.
  • Ductwork should be inspected annually to check for damage caused by animals.

Those in need of maintenance or repairs for their Residential Air Conditioning Kitsap County should contact Quality Heating Electrical & AC. They are HVAC professionals who work to provide their customers with the best in air conditioning service. Contact them today for further information so they can help you take care of your system.

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