Tips For Choosing Durable LED Light Fixtures

Choosing the correct fixtures for outdoor lighting is always important. For energy savings, long bulb life and very low maintenance, most commercial properties and a large number of residential homes are moving to LED lighting as the most cost and energy efficient option.

Selecting the correct LED light fixtures will be an essential decision, particularly with commercial lighting requirements. Poorly designed and low-quality fixtures will have a direct impact on the longevity of the light bulbs as well as the ability of the fixture itself to weather outdoor conditions.

Light Types

On commercial properties, the most common type of LED light fixtures will include floodlights and wall packs. Both of these fixture styles can be mounted directly to walls or on poles or columns depending on the specific style of the fixture. Wall mount lights are another popular option and are often used around doors and entrances as well as along sidewalks to commercial buildings.

Floodlights allow for the direction of light into difficult to access locations or across a large space. Wall packs come with different lighting options to allow downward, downward and outward or full light distribution both down, out and upwards.

Material and Construction

Always ensure that any outdoor LED light fixtures selected are UL listed for wet locations. This is important even if the light fixture will be mounted under an overhang or in an otherwise covered location. Moisture from humidity, fog, snow, and ice or rain, blown in with the wind will cause significant damage unless the fixture is wet location rated.

Aluminum housing for outdoor light fixtures that are finished to the desired color offers a lightweight, strong and non-corrosive solution for outdoor locations. Top quality fixtures from recognized manufacturers will last for decades, providing a stylish look to any commercial or residential property that is maintenance free.

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