Your drains are one of the most important parts of any plumbing system. When they are not working right, nothing else can be used either. This means the laundry room, bathroom and kitchen can all be entirely off limits until a drain cleaning in Howell is performed. If you are wondering how to keep your plumbing working right, here are some simple tips.

In the Kitchen

Every homeowners knows that grease will clog a drain. Yet, most will still pour grease into their drains. Following it with hot water may be enough to clear it out, but in some instances it only succeeds in flushing the clog further down the line. Other food products your drains do not like include rice, coffee grounds and any fruit or vegetable skins.

Protecting the Bathroom

Some cleaning products and popular drain cleaning chemicals can be very caustic to plumbing pipes, but for clogging sewer drains up tight, nothing beats baby wipes. Paper towels and cleaning wipes are almost as equally damaging. Sink and showers are vulnerable to bar soaps, so choose liquid whenever possible.

Laundry Room Worries

In the laundry room the biggest concern is the laundry detergent. Some powdered detergents are notorious for not dissolving correctly. This means your laundry is not getting washed as well as it should and the clumps of undissolved material are potentially gathering in your drain lines. Switch to liquid detergent, particularly if you have been seeing undissolved detergent particles in the washer after a load is removed.

Outside the Home

Plant and tree roots are the dangers to drains outside your home. Know where your drain pipes are buried and avoid planting anything near these areas. If large trees are near your lines, talk to a drain cleaning service in howell about having your lines inspected.

If you like your plumbing, functional drains are important. AME Plumbing Heating & Cooling can help you to keep all of your drains working right. They offer emergency and preventative services for residences and commercial property of all sizes. If you have noticed your drains not emptying as well as they should, contact them today before a slow drain becomes a hopelessly stuck one. Or you can check their Yelp profile.