Tips for Effective Landscape Maintenance in Annapolis MD

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Landscaping

With summer in full swing, now is the right time to plan a fall landscape design. Whether a customer wants to get the yard ready for a harsh winter or overhaul the garden, they’ll need a plan to be successful. In this guide, home and property owners will get some tips to help them accomplish their goals.

Consider How the Landscape is Used

Before choosing new plants and shrubs, it’s important to consider how the landscape is used. Does the customer want to grow veggies and fruits in the backyard? Or, do they want to have a vibrant yard that makes a great outdoor living area? Knowing the space’s intended use is a crucial component of landscape design, as it influences everything from layout to plant selection.

Determine the Right Level of Maintenance

If a customer isn’t planning to hire a professional for landscape maintenance in Annapolis MD, they should think about the amount of maintenance they’re willing to do. Here, realistic expectations are important. For example, if a customer doesn’t want to do more than a weekly mowing, a complex landscape likely isn’t a good choice. Determining the appropriate level of maintenance is critical to the success of the landscape for years into the future.

Choose Climate-Specific Plants

Certain plant varieties work best in various climates. For instance, azaleas thrive in temperatures between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and anything colder or hotter may be risky. When selecting landscaping plants, learn their care requirements and be sure those needs match the local climate.

Consider the Level of Sunlight

Just as plants grow well in varying climates, their sunlight requirements differ as well. Knowing which plants need more sun and which need shade can help customers select landscaping that will thrive where it’s planted.

Structure Plantings

Yards with plants of a consistent height aren’t very visually appealing. For more visual interest, consider using plants of different shapes and sizes. Plant placement has a significant effect on Landscape Maintenance in Annapolis MD, and it affects the continuity of the landscape as well.

Once a homeowner puts together a plan using the guidance above, they’re ready to start revitalizing their yard. Put that green thumb to work and build a dream landscape. Schedule an appointment today or call us for more details.

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