Tips for Finding Healthy Snack Bars

One of the reasons why people in college or those busy going between school and jobs or between more than one job tend to grab candy bars and sweet treats as a pick-me-up is the spike in blood sugar after consumption.

This gives the person a feeling of a lot of energy, but it is short-lived. This is because of the high levels of simple carbohydrates and sugars in the snacks that drive up blood sugar but just as quickly have it crash, creating energy slumps, headaches and the feeling of extreme fatigue.

There is an alternative to these sweet treats. The alternative is found in healthy snack bars that offer the fuel the body needs as well as just a bit of caffeine for that awake and energized feeling. With the caffeine levels equivalent to a home-brewed cup of coffee, they are not extreme, but rather a natural energy boost that lasts and does not result in the carb slump.


To be considered healthy snack bars, they need to be made from healthy ingredients. Gluten-free oats, dates for sweetness and natural nut butters for protein all combine to make a great tasting bar. Of course, to add the caffeine, roasted coffee adds antioxidants as well as energy to create an ideal healthy snack.

Buy Online

To save money, consider finding the healthy bars you like online. The big retailers online offer great pricing and, depending on the retailer; you may be able to set a regularly scheduled delivery to ensure you never run out.

Additionally, watch local stores for discounts and sales that may include your favorite healthy snack bars. Stock up when they are on sale to add savings and to always have your favorite flavors on hand.

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