Tips For Finding The Best Moving Companies In Houston

If you just do a Google search for moving companies in Houston, you will find over 5 million results. While this doesn’t mean 5 million different companies, it does show just how many movers are out there.

What these search results won’t tell you is the professionalism, experience and the pricing of the specific movers in the listing. To do that you need to be able to narrow down the search and work with no more than 5-10 companies, narrowing down to three. This is the simple way to find the best moving companies in the city and then choose the right one for your moving day.

Ask People Who Know

If you are selling a home in the Houston area, a Realtor or your real estate agent can be a good resource for moving companies. These professionals work with people moving in and out of the city every day, so they hear the positives and the negatives.

Other good sources of information on the best moving companies include your neighbors, friends, family members and colleagues at work. Most people will be able to recommend a company or warn you of a company to avoid.

Watch for Moving Trucks

When you are out and about in Houston or driving outside of the city, make a note of the moving trucks you see on the road. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the larger moving services.

Some of the top national movers have locally owned offices, which is a great combination of a national scope of services from a local business.

Do Some Online Research

Once you have a list of about 10 names, then go to the internet and do your research on those companies. Look at the services offered and also compare feedback and reviews.

Don’t focus on one positive or one negative review, instead look for trends in the reviews that will highlight the best moving companies and help to eliminate the others.

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