Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Online TV Streaming Service

It can be frustrating to sit down to watch some Netflix or Hulu and find that you must deal with endless loading and buffer. If you’ve experienced this problem with online TV streaming, it isn’t always something that can be blamed on the service. In many cases, your Internet connection can cause these problems.

The good news is that there are ways to improve the connection to your game console, TV, or streaming device. The rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the faster your Internet is, the better your streaming will be.

Upgrade Your Internet Service

If your Internet speed is less than impressive, upgrading is an option. Those who haven’t considered an upgrade in some time may be surprised to find that much more speedy service is often available. The minimum for 4K streaming is a speed of 15Mbps but going higher is worthwhile. You may find that swapping companies or changing services can make a huge impact and leave you never having to sit through buffering again.

Upgrade Your Hub or Router

If you’re still using the complimentary router you got from your Internet provider, it’s probably not doing the job. Just upgrading your router can lead to a much higher speed with your Internet. Also, many companies charge you to use their routers, which are likely not worth the charge. You can save money each money by purchasing a high-quality router outright and have faster Internet on top of it.

Consider Ethernet

Wi-Fi can be slow, and there’s no changing that. Wired Internet, or ethernet, is often faster and has fewer performance issues. Plugging in your streaming device can greatly improve your online TV streaming experience. The real problem here is that running wires can be a huge job. You also want to be sure the streaming device you use is compatible with Ethernet. Google Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick are two that do not. Some alternatives that do allow Ethernet include Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, and Amazon Fire TV Ultra. If you use a game console or smart television, they usually have an option or Ethernet.

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