Tips for Partnering with the Right Aviation Lubricant Supplier

Looking for the right aviation lubricants is essential to your operational efficiency. Whether you own an aircraft, business jets or helicopters, the right oil makes a difference. Here’s what you need to know when you choose one:

Know what you need
Determine what kind of aviation lubricant you need from the following: fluids and preservatives, greases, piston engine oil, turbine engine oils (TEO) and TEO for industrial gas turbines, among others.

Check range of selection
What kind of oil is right for you? If you’re looking for piston engine oils, make sure you pick out the right kind. Check with reliable suppliers and browse over the options they have in stock. Depending on the results you want, you’ll need to browse through those choices carefully, whether you need something that’s corrosion and wear-resistant or one that works for four-stroked aircraft piston engines.

Go with the right viscosity rating
Keep in mind that aviation engines have varying viscosity ratings when compared to vehicles and SAE. SAE 30 is equal to about 65 weight while SAE 40 is about 80 weight and SAE 50 is 100 weight, says Aviation Pros.

Assess service quality
Along with exceptional product quality, technical service quality is important as well. Does the company provide you with the technical support you require? It should. If you can’t count on them to provide you with the assistance you need, it might be better to look elsewhere.

Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding oil change intervals to ensure you always comply with the manual. Failure to do so can lead to a lot of problems in the future, from damages to your fleet to safety risks for your crew, load and passengers.

Partner up with a supplier with extensive experience in the field. From a range of proven products to a trusted team of technical support experts, finding the right aviation supplier makes a world of difference in your business and bottom line.

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