Tips for Staying Healthy While Using Short-Term Military Lodging in Norfolk

Most people do not have a clear picture of how many people they actually interact with when traveling. Traveling involves coming into direct and indirect touch with hundreds of thousands of people every day.

While regular hygiene is essential, improving your travel hygiene might make the difference between a fantastic vacation and a trip memento that you didn’t bargain for, especially if you’re in a small space such as short-term military lodging in Norfolk.

Remove Shoes

Traveling from a plane to an automobile to a hotel is far more unsanitary than you may imagine. Bringing those germs into your short-term military lodging in Norfolk is the one thing that you don’t want to do. Make sure that you take off your shoes first. To avoid trailing dirt and viruses into your sleeping area, remove your shoes at the entrance of your short-term rental or hotel room.

Make Use of Cleaning Services Offered

Understanding the services that a short-term rental provides ensures that you put your best foot forward in the direction of healthy living. If your rental allows it, washing your clothes or requesting daily housekeeping services are both fantastic methods to keep your area clean and germ-free.

The scariest part about germs is that you can’t see them, and you don’t want them to grow over a few days. Ensure that you have a thorough grasp of the services provided by your hotel at check-in and that you utilize them. For more information, please visit Boardwalk Realty & Development.