Tips on Selecting a Digital Record System for Addiction Recovery Centers

When choosing an electronic health record (EHR) system for addiction treatment facilities, a provider should have the ability to customize the program to the patient’s needs. In addiction situations, physicians and therapists may need to monitor a patient’s activities. Here are other factors to consider when investigating addiction treatment EHR.

Prescription Drugs

Many drug and alcohol treatment programs need to take prescription drugs, some of which may be controlled substances. A patient’s records should keep detailed notes on the dosage and the number of pills prescribed. The team will want to keep track of the refill requests and intervene if necessary. Using an electronic calendar and notepad makes it easier and more efficient to track a patient’s drug use, and the program can update all of the staff simultaneously.


Once an addict enters a program, the staff will develop a short-term plan and document their goals. The long-term goals center around sobriety, healthy habits, and functioning in society. A robust software can help time-block these goals and create a digital checklist. Treatment facilities can use the data to ensure their patients are moving forward, and if the person seems stuck, a director might adjust the framework established for the patient.


Payment is an integral part of the process that cannot be overlooked. It could also save time when woven into a client management system. Office managers can get prior authorizations quicker because they will have immediate access to the doctor’s recommendations. For more details about the benefits of an addiction treatment EHR, contact AZZLY at