Tips on Visiting a Senior Loved One in a Memory Care Facility

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Healthcare

There are so many different ailments that affect the senior population of this nation. One of the most common ailments a senior may be affected by as they age is Alzheimer’s. There may come a time when you have to put a parent or loved in an Alzheimer’s and dementia care facility to get them the help they need. When visiting your loved one in these facilities, be sure to keep the following in mind.

Know What Time of Day to Visit

The main thing you need to consider before dropping by to visit your parent in a memory care facility is the best time of day to arrive. Generally, there are certain times of day when a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient will be more anxious or upset. Instead of making matters worse by popping up during a bad time of day, you need to speak with the professionals at the Alzheimer’s and dementia care facility to find out when the best time to visit is.

Get to Know the Staff

When visiting a Alzheimer’s and dementia care facility, you need to take time to get to know the staff. By doing this, you will be able to stay up to speed on the progress your loved one is making. Also, the staff at the facility will be able to give you advice on what to do and not to do when visiting with your loved one.

Bring Some Surprises

As anyone who has ever dealt with a dementia or Alzheimer’s knows, finding things to talk about can be a bit of challenge. When coming to an Alzheimer’s and dementia care facility to visit, you need to bring a few surprises from home. With the items, you will be able to spark a conversation and have a good time with your loved one.

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