Tips to Prepare for Wedding Dress Shopping

No matter how casual or formal your wedding is going to be, heading out to do your shopping for wedding gowns is a major process. You’ll likely have a lot of fun and finding the perfect dress may be a moment like no other. However, the day can also be long and stressful, so following a few tips before you strike out to the bridal shop is a great idea.

Stay Hydrated and Make Sure to Eat

Before you head out and start your day, it’s important to be prepared for the upcoming process. One of the best ways to do this is by being sure you’re hydrated and your energy levels are up. The easiest way to do this is by having some kind of breakfast and bringing along a water bottle with you. If you go shopping hungry, this can alter your mood and make the process far less exciting. So, make sure you’re ready to go to the day can be as pleasant as possible.

Know the Basics

If you haven’t done any research on wedding gowns, you might want to before your fittings. Understanding the common dress styles and necklines will go a long way. You will have some idea of what you like, and what you don’t, before you start going through potential fits for your big day. However, be sure to be open to trying styles that are foreign to you, you never know what will be a show stopper.

Wear Minimal Makeup

When you are going to be spending the day trying on dresses in various shades of white, you don’t want to get makeup all over the gowns. Of course, you don’t want to roll out of bed and go either. A bit of foundation, moisturizer, and mascara falls somewhere in the middle and might be right for the upcoming process.

Bring Limited Friends

There is nothing wrong with bringing along your mom or a few friends, but the most people you invite on the adventure, the more likely you’ll end up stressed out. Having a million different opinions can make it hard to make decisions. However, if you bring two or three close friends along, that may actually help the process.

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