Tooth Extraction Cost in Vancouver WA, From a Simple Pull to Impacted Wisdom Teeth

There is no consistent across-the-board cost for tooth extraction. Each office will charge different amounts depending on factors which include patient history with the office, the severity of the extraction, and what insurance coverages and medical billing practices the dental office deploys. How much do different tooth extractions cost? The different types of extractions detailed below also assume a patient has no insurance to cover the procedure.

Low Costs, Simple Procedure

The simplest type of tooth extraction is aptly titled ‘simple.’ It involves little to no surgery, and requires a loosening of the tooth from the surrounding gums until it is pulled right out. The process will cost roughly $200 per tooth.

Root Procedures

Surgical means obviously cost a little more. Patients should expect to put out about $350 for the surgical removal of a tooth. The most common surgical approach is one where the root is still connected to the bone. This will require a special procedure using advanced tools to pry the root. The cost will increase depending on the complexity of the problem. A general surgical procedure requiring the shifting away of some bone to get the root removed is the first level. Some teeth are impacted, which requires additional work. An impacted Tooth Extraction Cost in Vancouver WA is closer to $400 due to the time commitment.

Wisdom and Impacted Tooth Costs

An impacted tooth combined with extra bone and root damage could be a costly endeavor. This Tooth Extraction Cost in Vancouver WA ranges from about $450 to $600 per tooth, which could be a major project. Some extractions require root maintenance, which means cleaning up of residual roots at the surface. The approximate price is about $350.

These procedures from Lewis Family Dentistry are all independent of a wisdom tooth extraction. That procedure is on a whole different level due to the difficulty of even getting to the wisdom teeth as well as the nature of how impacted they generally are. A wisdom tooth extraction could cost anywhere from $600 to $800 per tooth, and is a complicated procedure made easier with advanced medical practices. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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