Tooth Loss Can Be Overcome With Dentures

Unfortunately, tooth loss is a fact of life. People can lose one or more teeth as a result of trauma, significant decay or one of a number of oral health issues. If you are among the many thousands of people faced with tooth loss your dentist will probably have spoken to you about dentures in Bloomingdale.

Dentures are artificial teeth that are made from various materials including acrylic, resin, composites and even space-age metals. Once they have been fitted they look no different than natural teeth.

There are basically two types of dentures; full and partial.

Full dentures; upper and lower:

These are dentures that are used when all natural teeth are missing and need to be replaced. This type of denture can replace either the top or bottom row of teeth or both.

Partial dentures:

These dentures are used when you are missing one or more teeth. This type of denture is designed in such a way that it maintains the position of the remaining natural teeth, keeping them from repositioning themselves in the jawbone.

Deciding on what you want:

Before anything else happens your dentist will decide on the best approach to the problem. If you still have teeth your dentist will suggest that they can be kept or whether it is best to extract them as well.

Once the oral cavity is ready the dentist makes an impression of your mouth. During the process more impressions will be made, the objective is to ensure that the dentist has an exact copy of your mouth.

Between you and your dentist you can now decide on your new dentures, it is always best to make them look as close to your natural teeth as possible although this is the time when you may opt for a slightly different tooth color or size that compliments your looks. If there was ever anything that you didn’t like about you natural teeth, getting dentures in Bloomingdale is the ideal time to change. Once you and your dentist have decided on the looks of your new teeth it is simply a matter of making and fitting them.

If you have missing teeth the solution may be either full or partial dentures in Bloomingdale. You are invited to make an appointment with Pure Dental Spa.

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