Top Fundraiser Ideas For Schools

Planning a fundraiser for a school is a big undertaking. Finding a theme or a type of product to sell is going to be perhaps the most important issue in achieving your fundraising goals. Even with the most enthusiastic group of sellers, if you don’t have a great product line it is going to be a challenge to get people interested.

There are several tried and true fundraising ideas that will be universally good options. Things that people use all the time such as gift wrap is always a great choice. It is a low price point item, everyone needs it on a yearly basis and it is easy to sell. Gift wrap is, of course, also a common option for schools and groups to use so be sure to choose a company that offers unique, quality paper.

New Ideas and Prices

Stepping out of the typical and looking for new fundraiser ideas for schools is an ideal way to get the kids enthusiastic about selling and to also provide items that people in your community want to purchase.

The best fundraiser ideas for schools are also going to include a range of different price points. A good mix of higher priced items with more moderate to low priced items tends to increase overall sales compared to all high priced or all low priced items.

Kitchen Fundraisers

Kitchen gadgets and tools are always a great selling option for a fundraiser for elementary, middle and high schools. Look for a company offering unique types of items in a wide range of colors and designs.

These are a great fundraiser at any time of year. Unlike some fundraisers, they are even a top seller in the spring or in the early fall months. These are often buy-for- yourself gifts but they also make terrific shower, wedding Christmas or birthday gifts, so they are a popular option.

Adding in entertaining products is one of the best fundraiser ideas for schools. This provides a wide range of different products all in the same general theme.

Everyday Items

Reusable grocery bags, totes, lunch bags, travel bags and storage bags are also an upscale and unique option for a school fundraiser. Selecting a company offering top quality products will certainly create an interest in the products on offer.

Don’t forget to include products for the techies like extra phone cords in cool colors, car accessory pouches and phone stands. These are great for men and women and make ideal gifts for those that are hard to buy for.

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