Top Reasons To Access Urgent Care

While not all medical issues need to be treated immediately, most injuries, accidents and even infections are easier to treat early on rather than later. Determining if you need to go to an urgent care clinic is really a factor of the health issue and when the condition becomes problematic.

It is important to realize that emergency medical care needs to happen immediately. These are health issues that are life-threatening or potentially life- threatening and they should never be ignored or put off to treat. Any type of traumatic injury to the head or the body with or without profuse bleeding should be treated as an emergency. Seizures, loss of consciousness, heart attack, stroke, coma, loss of consciousness or any type of injury due to a gunshot, knife wound or another weapon should be treated as an emergency.

Going Into the Clinic

The most common reasons people tend to access the services of an urgent care clinic are:

  • Sprains, strains, and fractures – these can be sports related or from slips or falls. As it can be difficult to understand if it is a fracture or strain, early medical attention can provide the right treatment to start the healing process.
  • Cold and Flu – being sick is never easy. Often people can’t leave work early to see their doctor, but stopping off on their way home at the urgent care clinic provides the needed prescription or treatment options. This is always a great option for weekends as well.
  • Infections – ear infections, urinary tract infections or even skin infections can be very painful if not treated. Rather than go to a larger ER (emergency room), using the clinic can provide quality care when you can’t get into your doctor.
  • Allergies and reactions – skin rashes, irritations, and minor allergies or asthma can be easily treated at the clinic. Just remember if there is difficulty in breathing or swallowing go to the ER room.

Remember, the clinic offering these services is not the same as an ER, but it often has more diagnostic equipment than your doctor. These are typically walk-in clinics with no appointment needed, perfect for busy professionals and families.

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